As an Australian employer there are number of requirements that you must meet when sponsoring a person on a subclass 482 visa.

Among the many requirements, 482 visa document checklist is a snapshot of what is required (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Identification documents. The sponsor must provide the employees full name, date of birth, and any other information related to the employment.
  • Employment contract. The employer must provide a copy of the employment contract for the nominee
  • Evidence of the Terms and Conditions. The person who you wish to nominate (nominee) must be paid the annual market salary rate at an equal rate with the temporary skilled migration income threshold.
  • Evidence of labour market testing. The employer (sponsor) must provide evidence that they have tested the labour market and that no Australian citizen or permanent resident can fill in the nominated position.
  • Organisational chart.
  • Financial documents for the company.
  • Position description for the nomination.
  • Other documents required may include a marriage certificate and birth certificate.

The specific documents required for your 482-nomination application will depend on your unique circumstances and skills assessment.

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