Register as a Medical Professional in Australia

high demand for healthcare professionals in Australia

Register as a Medical Professional in Australia

There is a high demand for healthcare professionals in Australia. If you want to come to live and work in Australia , there is opportunity to earn excellent wages and work in a great environment. If you are an international medical graduate (IMG ) there is work  but you will need to obtain a Australian Health Practitioner Agency (Ahpra) Australian registration. This is the organisation that regulates health professionals working in partnership with other national medical boards.

Some of the medical professions that need to register with Ahpra to work in Australia include:

Chinese MedicineChiropracticDental practice
Medical practice (doctors)Medical radiation practiceNursing
MidwiferyOccupational therapyOptometry

You must also register with the relevant medical board. Also understand that the skills assessments for registration is independent of your visa application. You may need to complete two independent skills assessments, when your medical qualification is from outside of New Zealand and Australia.

Three Pathways to Ahpra Australia Registration

If you have medical qualifications from outside of  Australia or New Zealand, you need to provide evidence of eligibility for one of three assessments for medical registration Australia Ahpra:

Competent Authority Pathway
Standard Pathway
Specialist Pathway

Each pathway assesses your clinical skills and knowledge when you apply for Ahpra registration in Australia.

Competent Authority Assessment Pathway

All medical professionals trained overseas can apply for Ahpra registration through the competent authority pathway. This Ahpra Australia registration will give you general registration.

Anyone who with training completed through a recognised competent authority or has passed recognised exams to become a medical professional, can use the competent authority pathway. You need to apply directly to the medical Board of Australia (the Board) to receive provisional registration.

Standard Pathway

When you want general registration with the Board, apply using the standard pathway. Use the standard pathway when you are not eligible for the competent authority or specialist pathways. You do need a qualification in medicine and surgery from an institution recognised by both the World Directory of Medical Schools and Australian Medical Council (AMC).

Note, you must pass a written exam (CAT MCQ) and an AMC clinical examination, or you may opt to take part in an approved assessment program based in your workplace. You must pass these assessments and secure a position before applying for registration and must apply directly to the Board.

Competent Authority Assessment Pathway

When your primary qualification is in medicine and surgery from an institution recognised by both the World Directory of Medical Schools and Australian Medical Council (AMC), apply for the specialist pathway. You also need evidence of your training to practice in your country.

You may be eligible for the specialist pathway if you are a specialist who trained overseas and are applying:

  • For assessment based on comparability to an Australian trained specialist for recognition of your skills in Australia.
  • For assessment in an area of need for specialists in Australia.

There are two ways to apply under the specialist pathway:

1. Specialist recognition

When applying for specialist recognition:
a. Apply directly for assessment to the relevant college. It assesses your skills to compare them with the Australian requirements in the same specialist area.
b. The results of the assessment determines your type of registration.
c. You will need to work under supervision for a period of time and you may need to undergo workplace assessments, exams or training before receiving recognition as a specialist.

2. Area of need

When applying for specialist recognition in an area of need:
a. Apply directly for assessment to the relevant college. It assesses your relevant experience and qualifications against the Australian requirements for a position in an area of need.
b. The relevant territory or state health authority determines an area of need.
c. Applications using this pathway does not give you specialist recognition with the Board. You will have to apply for specialist recognition as well for Board recognition.

Ahpra International Nursing Registration from within Australia

When you are an internationally registered nurse you have two options for nursing registration Australia Ahpra

1. Studying in Australia

Complete a course of study for Ahpra registration international nurses from within Australia. If you already have a bachelor degree qualification from your country, you can either study for another Bachelor of Nursing or complete a Master of Nursing.

2. Based on overseas qualifications and experience

Obtaining registration based on your overseas qualifications and experience is the easier option for nursing registration in Australia and takes no more than 6 months. You can do this by:

a. Completing a self-check and pay a $640 fee.
b. Attend orientation for the outcome based assessment process.
c. Gather your proof of identity documents.
d. Take outcome based assessment classes to prepare you for the exams.
e. Sit the computer-based National Council Licensure Examination which costs $526.
f. Once you pass the exam, take the Objective Structured Clinical Examination which has a fee of $4000.
g. Once you pass this exam, you can apply for Ahpra and Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia registration.

Direct Migration Experts can Help

Are you thinking of migrating permanently to Australia and have a healthcare qualification? Or you may want to work in Australia temporarily. It is an incredibly complex exercise registering with Ahpra and applying for the right visa at the same time. The last thing you want to do is get it wrong.  We ensure you get it right the first time.

Direct Migration Experts are specialists dealing with Ahpra requirements and visa applications. Partnering with our team can help you achieve successful Ahpra registration and visa application. There are a range of visa options available to allied health workers including Subclass 482, 186, 189, 190 and 491 visas.

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