SURVEYORS living, working in Australia possible visa options include 482, 407, 189, 190, 494, 491, 186


ANZSCO: description

Plans, directs and conducts survey work to determine, delineate, plan and precisely position tracts of land, natural and constructed features, coastlines, marine floors and underground works, and manages related information systems. Registration or licensing may be required.

Skill Level: 1

Occupations covered:

  • Cadastral Surveyor
  • Engineering Surveyor
  • Geodetic Surveyor
  • Hydrographic Surveyor
  • Mine Surveyor
  • Photogrammetric Surveyor

How do I migrate to Australia as a Surveyor?

Surveyors Migrating to Australia

There are three pathways available for assessment by SSSI (Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute)


Pathway A: Applicants who have studied in Australia

You must have successfully completed an approved program in surveying of at least four years full-time study at an Australian university


Pathway B: Applicants who have studied overseas

If you have studied overseas, you must hold educational qualifications that are assessed as equivalent to an approved program in surveying of at least four years fulltime study at an Australian university.


Pathway C: Applicants holding hydrography related qualifications and skills

If you have hydrography related qualifications and experience, you will be required to have these assessed by the Australasian Hydrographic Surveyors Certification Panel (AHSCP) and to have been certified as Certified Professional Hydrographic Surveyor Level 1 (CPHS1).

Consider getting expert migration advice

There are a number of visa options to select from if you are suitably qualified and meet all assessment criteria, so it is advisable to seek professional assistance from experienced migration agents such as Direct Migration Experts.

Our staff has over 20 years’ experience and expertise that you can leverage to achieve your visa outcomes in a fast turnaround time. Utilising our skills assessing authority to prepare your assessment application enables the case officer to make a fast decision for stage one of your skills assessment.

Additionally, using our experts to ensure you apply for the right visa in the first instance will save you time and money in the long run.

What are the assessment criteria for applicants who have studied overseas?

  •      Educational qualifications – Applicants must hold the equivalent of an Australian bachelor’s degree in surveying – 4 years full time course
  •      English language competency – there are 5 ways that non-native English speakers can meet this requirement
  • Professional experience as a Surveyor – at least 3 years of experience prior to applying
  •      Contributions to the surveying profession; and
  •      Record of maintaining Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to maintain your professional knowledge and skills

How do I obtain my skills assessment as a Surveyor?

Surveyor skills assessment process for Australia

This is where the expertise of Direct Migration Experts will come in handy as we can help you prepare the necessary documentation to supply to the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) or to VETASSESS, depending on your specialisation. We ensure that your skills assessment application is decision ready and that all assessment criteria are met.

Once your skill assessment is obtained, we will guide and advise you on making your application for registration and licensing as required for Surveyors in Australia.

Do I need to find a sponsor or a work visa to stay in Australia as a Surveyor?

All too often we hear from onshore clients whose employers weren’t able to sponsor them as promised. Having loved their time in Australia on their working holiday visas, they do not want to return home. Employers often promise sponsorship and even in cases where this occurs, it is only a temporary pathway to staying in Australia. As a Surveyor, you have access to the permanent residency pathway in Australia. Direct Migration Experts have assisted hundreds of clients like this, in Surveyor roles, in obtaining their visa and permanent residency.

Do I need a job to obtain permanent residency?

You do not need a job however this can vary depending on if you are onshore and offshore and based on which state and territory in Australia you are going to live in. Generally, and in most cases, you do not need employment to apply for permanent residency. Permanent Residency and the skilled occupation list are based on points and meeting the points criteria. This is not limited to Surveyors but to all occupations on the skilled occupation list.

Do I need experience in Australia as a Surveyor to obtain Permanent Residency?

You do not need Australian experience as a Surveyor to apply nor obtain permanent residency. However, you do need formal qualifications and to hold a valid skills assessment in Australia as a Surveyor to obtain permanent residency.

Do I need to be in Australia to apply for my permanent residency?

No, this is a misconception. Direct Migration Experts have helped countless clients over the years in obtaining permanent residency from all over the world including but not limited to the UK and Ireland, Asia and South Africa.

Is it difficult to find a job in Australia as a Surveyor?

Surveyors are on Australia’s occupation shortage list due to local staff shortages that have been exacerbated by the pandemic. Once you have your permanent residency, you fill find an abundance of well-paid job opportunities as a Surveyor.

Many employers in Australia want staff and workers in all fields that hold permanent residency. Currently, there are NOT enough local people to fill the number of vacant Surveyor positions in Australia across a diverse range of sectors including mining, engineering, construction, rail and transport.

How do I start the process of migrating to Australia?

The first step so as we can assess you and ensure that you meet the Australian qualifications framework for the skills assessment is send us a copy of your resume (CV) for your free visa preliminary assessment.

We will review your formal qualifications, age, work experience and English level to ensure that you meet the basic criteria. We will then contact you to arrange a more comprehensive consultation which includes individual legal advice and guidance on your best migration pathway.

If you have the dream of migrating to Australia, we do suggest starting the process as soon as possible as the skilled occupation list and requirements change regularly and can become more restrictive depending on Australia’s business landscape.

There is no time like the present!

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