Employment Sponsored Visas

The TSS visa is an employer sponsored visa that allows Australian employers to hire skilled overseas workers when they cannot fill positions with Australian workers.


The subclass 189 visa allows you to work and live in any part of Australia permanently. You can apply for the permanent skilled independent visa whether you are living overseas or are already in Australia. The 189 visa is a points-tested permanent visa for skilled workers who are not sponsored by an Australian employer.

Visa Appeal

Receiving a visa refusal or cancellation from the Department of Immigration can come as a shock. But it does not necessarily mean the end of your dream of coming to Australia. There may be a way to appeal the decision so it is important to get legal advice. Direct Migration Experts can help you with the appeal process. There are so many cases where we achieve success. We can also assist compiling the information you need and help you lodge your appeal.

Partner Visas

When you are in love with someone who has Australian residency, you can apply for a visa to live in the country based on your relationship. This is an Australian Partner Visa and there are three different types. The one you apply for depends on whether you are still overseas or already living in Australia. So if you are in love with an Australian resident and want to join them or stay with them in Australia, you have three choices based on your circumstances.

Graduate Visa

The Temporary Graduate Visa subclass 485 allows international students to live, work and study in Australia. You must have recently graduated, and have the relevant skills and qualifications to work in an occupation listed on the medium and long-term strategic skills list. At any time while holding this visa, you can apply for a permanent visa if you are eligible.


A Standard Business Sponsorship application and approval is required for an Australian trading business who would like to sponsor employees the TSS visa (Temporary Skill Shortage visa or 482 visa).The SBS approval is generally valid for 5 years. An exception is made to Accredited Sponsors who are granted SBS sponsorship approval for 6 year. A new established business can also apply for and be granted a SBS approval even if it has been trading less than 12 months, however it may come with a different approval period and requirements to be met.

What type of employment Sponsored Visa Do you Need?

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