A Standard Business Sponsorship application and approval is required for an Australian trading business who would like to sponsor employees the TSS visa (Temporary Skill Shortage visa or 482 visa).

The SBS approval is generally valid for 5 years. An exception is made to Accredited Sponsors who are granted SBS sponsorship approval for 6 year.

A new established business can also apply for and be granted a SBS approval even if it has been trading less than 12 months, however it may come with a different approval period and requirements to be met.


  • The business must be in a sound financial position
  • Business structure – such as a company, trust, partnership or registered business name; and
  • Business be lawfully operating

Amongst the many other requirements for Standard Business Sponsorship, the employer will need to specify how many employees they will sponsor during the validity of the proposed sponsorship.

The proposed number of employees must be accompanied by evidence i.e. Expansion plans newly acquired contact’s and relevant information to justify the
number of total employees requested in the application.

For those employers with branches in Australia and offshore, further information is required such as the total number of directors, ASIC extract to name a few. Hence it is vital to get expert advice for your international sponsorship needs.

All employers need to apply for a variation of the sponsorship to be able to sponsor further employees.

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