Skills Assessment during COVID-19 and the Australian Migration Process

Many people have dreamt of migrating to Australia for a long time or, they may have been about to start the process when their world, and the entire world, was interrupted by COVID-19.

Did you know that Direct Migration Experts, sees this as a great opportunity for people to start the migration process.

As you may be aware this is a three-stage application process. If you are wanting to migrate to Australia permanently on a skilled visa you will need the following documents.

English at a certain level

Or to increase your points even if you are from an English speaking an English result

Mandatory for all skilled occupations you will need a skills assessment.

Normally we are all running around and are remarkably busy. However, due to the many restrictions around the world many businesses have been forced to temporarily shut down or forced to work from home. Some countries you are still under lockdown and only allowed to leave the home for the bare necessities.

We like to think for every negative situation there is a positive. What we have seen with our clients is there has never been a better time to apply for a skills assessment then in COVID-19. We have found many of our client’s former employers or current employers have been easily accessible to provide references some within the same day. Our clients have also had time to look though old records for proof of work such as payslips, bank statements, reference etc. Normally our clients may be chasing their former employers for the valid reference for weeks. From our recent experience we have seen a significantly faster turnaround time.

Did you know that even though the Australian borders are only set to open in January 2021 a permanent residency visa application takes a minimum of 9 months to process anyway? This is great news for those that are at home anyway.

Now is the best time to prepare and lodge a valid skills assessment with our relevant authority. Did you know one of our largest skills assessing authorities are accepting skills assessment applications for professionals and Trade Occupations even though its staff are working remotely. Did you also know that Australian skills assessments are valid for three years? So, it is a great time now to obtain your skills assessment even if you lodge your EOI and visa later.

Contact us today to get your skills assessment right the first time. We know the way in which the paperwork must be submitted and the information that must be provided to all the relevant authorities. Leave it to the migration experts and let us assist you. We will advise you and we know which direction and the clear steps and procedures there are to follow when processing your skills assessment. Rely on Direct Migration Experts knowledge to move forward today and you can arrive in Australia with your loved ones as a skilled migrant and start living the dream.

There is no time like the present!

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