It’s heart-breaking to have your visa approved only to find that your partner’s visa is refused because of one of the following 5 reasons.

1. Legislation

Every visa class has specific legislation that is relevant to the visa class. Not understanding these laws can be the reason that your partner’s visa is refused when applying for a visa.

2. Wrong Advice

It is critical to get the right legal advice about your visa options so that you can understand the requirements of how your visa application should be put together. Once you have made an application with errors, it is difficult to fix the problems and get your application approved. Better to get the right advice up front.

3. Insufficient Evidence

Visa applications require a lot of information for the Department of Home Affairs, particularly when you are in a relationship. The Department of Home Affairs looks to assess “genuine and continuing relationship” when it comes to your partner. We can help you to fill out the application form with the right evidence to ensure you don’t fall victim to this issue.

4. Lack of Understanding

Not understanding the 4 pillars that forms part of the partner visa application and the immigration department assessment of information/evidence of each of the pillars.

5. Lack of Planning

Rushing and lodging an application without planning ahead can lead to issues.

How can you avoid a Partner visa Refusal?

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