The Global Talent Visa subclass 858, known as the Distinguished Talent Visa Subclass 858 in the past, is for highly skilled and talented individuals with a national reputation. It is an Australian visa streamlined path for professionals with outstanding achievements with an internationally recognised record to permanently live and work in Australia. The Global Talent Visa Program is not like other permanent residence options. There is no point testing. You need an Australian nominator and should be highly skilled in any one of a number of targeted sectors. It is also important to demonstrate you can be of benefit to the Australian community.

The Australian Government acknowledges the Global Talent Independent Program is important and the need for highly skilled professionals in the following 9 targeted sectors:

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Financial Services and FinTech


Health Industries






Defence, advanced manufacturing and space




Circular economy


Infrastructure and tourism



What is the Global Talent Visa?

This is a pathway to Australian permanent residency and there are two visa paths under the Global Talent Visa:

1. Global Talent Independent Program. The Global Talent Independent Program is for you if you are a professional working in a targeted sector and have submitted an expression of interest (EOI) with the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA).

2. Distinguished Talent pathway. The Distinguished Talent pathway is for you if you have internationally recognised achievements in the arts, sport, research, in another profession or academia.

Global Talent Independent Program

The goal of the Global Talent Independent Program is to attract top talent from overseas in critical areas such as the innovation and technology sectors in Australia. You must be considered to be outstanding in your field with exceptional skills, and likely to earn in the region of $153,000 or more in Australia.

During 2020/2021, the government made 15,000 places available under this program and it should remain relatively stable for the next year. But the number of places available are likely to be cut after 2022. The next year is a good time to apply for a Global Talent Visa if you are eligible, so keep up with the latest Australian migration news and withexpats for Australian opportunities. Also contact the Australia Embassy for information about starting your own business.

Global Talent Independent Program benefits

Benefits of the Global Talent Independent Program include:


To be eligible under the under the Global Talent Independent stream you:


Must have international recognition for your achievements in one of the 10 targeted sectors.


Need an Australian citizen or organisation with a national reputation in your field to nominate you. The nominator will have to verify your expertise but does not have to pay any fees and does not have any ongoing obligations.


Must be capable of earning more than the Fair Work High Income Threshold which is currently $158,500. You will need to demonstrate this by providing evidence of your current salary, or what the salary could be for future job offers or recent PhD graduates in your field. When applying from outside of Australia and not yet earning this amount, you need to show you have the capacity to earn this amount.


Need to demonstrate how you have the potential to be an asset to the Australian community.

If you are a PhD graduate and have work experience, you can apply if you can demonstrate exceptional talent and international recognition in one of the 10 target sectors.

Distinguished Talent Pathway

The distinguished talent pathway is suitable if you have international recognition with a record of your achievements in the arts, sport, research, in another profession or academia. You will need to demonstrate you would:

  • Be beneficial to Australia; for example, be able to raise Australia’s reputation internationally in sport, academically or the arts.
  • Have no trouble establishing yourself in Australia and can get a job or work independently in your relevant field.

You must be highly acclaimed for your work in your relevant field with an ongoing record of your achievements. You also need to be nominated by an Australian citizen or permanent resident or organisation in your field. You can also be nominated by an eligible New Zealand citizen.

What a Global Talent Visa allows

The Global Talent Visa is a permanent visa so you can stay in Australia indefinitely. You may be able to apply for Australian citizenship when you are eligible. You can also:

  • Benefit from Australia’s health care scheme, Medicare.
  • Travel to and from Australia.
  • Sponsor family to come to Australia.
  • Access Australian benefits after a certain waiting time.
  • Buy property in Australia.

Cost of the Global Talent Visa

The cost of the global talent visa is $4,110 at the time of making your application. It will also cost $2,055 for every dependent over the age of 18 and $1,030 for dependents under 18. For any dependents older than 18 that do not speak functional English, there will be an additional charge of $4,890 before the visa is granted.

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